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December 06, 2007


Ms Picket To You

What was it again... seperation of church and what, what was that? Oh, yeah, state.
Get your rosaries off my ovaries is one bumper sticker I have always loved. Never knew how much until now. You go, Bedhead!

Fairly Odd Mother

Holy crap, he scares me. Thanks for writing about this speech.


Yeah, our dear Mitt scares me. A lot.

You and I seem to have several things in common, Major Bedhead ;)


MB - The religious right is being led (around by the nose) by Romney and his ilk. He's not even the worst.

All we can do is hope that they scare enough of us who are frightened that we get out there and VOTE!

Cape Buffalo

Thank you for writing this. I'm an Agnostic in a religion that embraces Agnosticism and the idea that faith/belief/doubt/disbelief are pri-vate.


Romney terrifies me.



I was listening to the recap of the speech in the car on the way home from work yesterday and let's just say it's a good thing Eliza wasn't with me, because she would've learned some new words.

I could care less what religion Romney is ā€” I've read enough and met enough LDS members in blogland by now to know that the religion isn't a monolith and that there are really good things it offers its followers.

I am also OK with someone admitting that their religion influences their thoughts on social policy; to deny that a religious belief has an effect on how you approach issues like abortion/gay rights etc. is a disingenuous.

What I am NOT down with is insisting that everyone else submit to those exact same influences ā€” hypocrite, much, Mitt? And I am SO not down with a candidate who declares war on secularism as he did yesterday.

Handmaid's Tale, here we come.


What is sad is that these wackos don't realize that the reason our country is great is that religion has largely been kept out of politics. If you want to see a backward country, go somewhere that religion and politics are all balled up together...like Afghanistan.


You're scared of Romney? I'm scared of all of them! The only thing that impresses me about their faith (NOT their religion; religion gives faith a bad rap!)is not what they say but what they do.

I'll never give up my vote, but these candidates make the idea very tempting.


There is a reason for separation of church and state. Apparently, he never received the memo on that one.

I don't think he'll be elected in the first place for reasons including him being Mormon.

I don't know whether he's helping his cause to be elected by focusing on his religion.


I agree with Eliza's Mom. I don't care what religion Romney is, but don't judge me based on my religious beliefs if it doesn't jive with yours, and that INCLUDES Agnosticism and Atheism.

Scary. You are right, MB.

Emma kw

He did a good job of not answering the questions we all want answered! My daughter's BF is Mormon, and a sweeter girl you couldn't meet. But how does his church feel about gays? ( LDS hardcore members do not believe in homosexuality!), women's rights?( ex LDS friend says women's rights are the right to stay home and make babies, and submit to hubbie WTF?!!),does he wear "The Undergarments"? Why exactly are non LDS banned from the temple? What's the deal with the hat and the stone? Yeah, Mitt, you really explained things, didn't ya! We aren't stupid enough to believe that your religous beliefs play no part in your decisions, but we want to know what they are! They say this speach was like the JFK Catholocism speach, but we all know where the Catholic Church stands on issues!


That last quote made me shudder. All of those GOP candidates make me want to hide (save Ron Paul, who I have a strange sort of affection for.)

Melanie Willows

I probably shouldn't comment here being English, but I'll share with you how American religiousness is perceived by some over here.

It's been increasingly noticed in a bad way how religion is being used to justify hard line policies against female sexuality (pro-life) against gays, against female clergy in fact against anything which doesn't leave white males in charge of everything. One commentator mentioned Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. There's not a lot of difference between the Middle East and hard line Christian American views of females.

Unfortunately as soon as anyone mentions America and religion over here you know they are going to be having a go at some minority or other. Not exactly a Christian reputation to have globally. Unfortunately the hard liners have tarred moderates with the same brush.

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