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February 05, 2008



I love my Roomba. Because I'm lazy. Yes I am.

Fairly Odd Mother

My sister just got a Roomba and she LOVES her little helper. They call her Rosie, and the kids treat it like a pet! I may just have to get my hands on one of those someday.


I love my Dyson. We have The Animal because my pets shed more than any other pet who ever lived.

I'm going to invest in a Roomba for the days when I don't feel like vacuuming. Which would be every other day because even though The Dyson rocks my world, as I mentioned my pets shed more than ANY OTHER LIVING THING. So in that regard, they kinda suck. heh.

pinks & blues girls

I like my Dyson because I, too, would only change the vacuum bag like once every three months... but I do have to get a better system down when I empty it. I hate the dust that flies around my kitchen! I definitely want a Roomba!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Mrs. Q.

You guessed it! Our favorite little sucker is Rosie our Roomba!!! We love her. She even goes under the couch and the bed! hehehehehehe...

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