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December 22, 2009



Sounds much like our secular-eclectic-Christmassy season.


We're very religious, as you know, but I don't want to selfishly hog all of the fun and joy of Christmas to myself. I'm glad your celebrating is merry and bright, too.


Very well written. Even though we are pretty religious, we (okay I) feel almost the same way. Although there is probably more talk around these parts of the birth of baby Jesus (with my oldest holding it over everyone's head just HOW special she is because she shares the same birthday as Jesus - trust me, just today talking to the younger kids teachers while bringing in cupcakes, they mentioned how its all my younger two can talk about "Jesus and Einey's birthday" - hum maybe I should have made a double batch???).

Meenie asked if Santa would put a driedel in her stocking. To bad she asked AFTER Haunukah ended.

A big part for my girls is helping out though. They love giving money to the Salvation Army as we enter stores. They drag me to the toys for Tots at the local State Police barracks bearing new gifts. We stop to "fill the boot". ANd in the mornings when we drive past the food pantry on the way to school, they ask if we can stop with food later (this carries throughout the year because it is something they can see). For us, Christmas is more then just the religious and commercial holiday. It's the epitome of joy and happiness and doing unto others.

Alex Elliot

Sounds just like us!

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