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August 29, 2007


Major Bedhead

Oh, that sounds lovely! Sometimes I miss living in Central MA. I need to find stuff out here, behind the Tofu Curtain.

Major Bedhead

Now I can see why Boo thought those shots on your camera were of her. That's a little freaky.

Ladybug's Picnic

I'm totally sold. Last fall we went to one of those places with the petting zoo, playground, hayride - insanity. We'll be checking out Nashoba Valley this time around.

Rock the Cradle

Positively idyllic. We've been shopping around for a place to go mid Septemberish. This might be it...


Thank you for sharing - this place sounds amazing.

sandy shoes

I'm all over it, thank you for posting that. Less crowded on a weekday, I hope?


I have never seen an apple orchard with a playground! We have a few near us that are never crowded. The girls love going and picking. Our favorite one is the on in CT where you get a 4 - state view (CT, MA, RI and NH) if you stand at the corner of the revolutionary cometary.

Fairly Odd Mother

Do I see a New England Mamas apple-picking meeting in the near future? I'd be all over that!

Mrs. Chicky

FOD - Heck ya! Who's up for that?


It does sound like heaven, but I think we'll have to wait a couple more months to get that crispy feeling. It's so hot here today!Cheers

Trish K

We go every year, I highly recommend it. They put on a great Octoberfest. Last year we happened to go and there was a wedding going on in the orchard. You can purchase a bottle of wine and drink it while having a picnic. They have great gift ideas in the wine shop as well

Rock the Cradle

FOD Mrs COH YEAH. Count me in!

Alex Elliot

That sounds great! I think we went to the same orchard as Ladybug's Picnic last year.

pinks & Blues Girls

Count us in!P&B Girls


Ohh we may be game as well - sounds like fun! And it's not to far from here - about an hour-ish.

Ladybug's Picnic

FYI, I think there is some sort of end of summer festival there this weekend - at any rate, the family and I will be heading there on Saturday afternoon post-naptime. I'll report back next week!

Ladybug's Picnic

whoops, the festival is next weekend (the 8th). We'll be there this weekend anyhow checking it out!

Ruth Dynamite

I am so there, Mrs. Chicky. I'm all over this.

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