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August 30, 2007


Fairly Odd Mother

Somehow we missed this place while my oldest was young, and now Miss Daredevil (who is constantly measuring herself to see if she is big enough for 'adult' coasters) would probably shoot me if I took her to Storyland. It is probably really, really cute for the little guys though.We went to Canobie Lake Park in NH last summer and had a blast. It's really good if you have to 'bridge' the interests of a toddler/young child with an older one.

Mrs Big Dubya

Thanks for the review.... we were toying with going this weekend, but I think we are going to hit Sesame Place in PA instead -- but this will be a "for sure" next year.

Mrs. Chicky

I have great memories of Storyland from when I was kid... Of course that was thirty years ago so they're a bit fuzzy. Thanks for the review, I think we might bring Chicky up there soon.

pinks & Blues Girls

My sister and brothers (and their collective seven children) are going up there in September. I'll have them read this review before they go! Thanks!Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

sandy shoes

Thanks for this post... I've been curious about that place.


Great timing! We're going soon. Where did you stay?

Pinks & Blues

Oh thank you so much for this!! We are heading there the weekend of the 22nd of Sept. And like you, I have been told by everyone "to go"... last year I was pregnant and we didn't get a chance. So now with 3 boys... 3, 2 and 5 months, we figure it's time! I am going to take your advice about the buying after 3pm the day before and then having the admission for the whole next day! Awesome!Thanks again, I will let you know how our trip went!!- AudreyPinks & Blues


Great review. We haven't been there yet with the boyz (ages 5, 3 and 2), but we are definitely doing it next year with 2 other families. We have friends who say they WILL NOT be going to Disney until their kids outgrow Storyland!

Alex Elliot

Miguelina,We ended up going up and back in the same day. It was fine, but next time I would like to do it in two days. It was completely spur of the moment.

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