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September 02, 2007



Wasn't it originally said by Dave Marsh about Springsteen?

major bedhead

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.


That was a freaking amazing game. I posted about it too. That kid is so skinny he looks like he can't even get a ball over the plate, but geesh, can he pitch. Did you hear that theo wanted to pull him out if he reached 120 pitches, so he got to 115 to win the game. I think I'm in LUV!

Mrs. Chicky

We were watching a movie when the game was going on, but my huz always has the game updates going live on his laptop. It's a good thing he did! We paused the movie with five minutes left so we could watch the last few innings. Phenomenal! I haven't been that nervous watching the Red Sox since the 2004 World Series.

Mommy off the Record

Don't hate me but I don't watch baseball. That said, sounds like it was an awesome game. Plus, I love watching young viril men work out their muscles on the ballfield. (Hee hee)

Poppy Buxom

I am WEEPING FOR JOY. We've always needed a stronger pitching roster. This boy is heaven-sent.Pray that the Yankees don't try to steal him. (Knock wood.)

Major Bedhead

I got a little teary-eyed at the end of the game. It really was amazing. Theo and Co. had better sign him to a nice, fat, long contract.

WI Mommy

Caught the highlights on the news after watching our Brewers (finally) win a game. Awesome - simply awesome.

Pinks & Blues

Let me just say, I a HUGE RED SOX fan... seeing him pitch that game last night gave me goosebumps!I'm surrpised you couldn't hear me screaming from my living room.And did you seem him interviewed afterwards? So touching.Jane (my sister) was at the game!! Lucky girl!- AudreyPinks & Blues

Major Bedhead

It was so adorable when he said he probably should have called his mom first. Awwww.


Still gloating about actually being at Fenway to see that game! And my 1st game there ever to boot!

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