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September 03, 2007



This gave me goosebumps! Lucky you!

Major Bedhead

You are the fourth person I know that was at that game. How lucky! Your husband must be something special if you married him in spite of his being a Yankees fan. I'd have had to think long and hard about that one.

Mrs. Chicky

I am so jealous! Lucky you to get to witness a piece of Sox history in person.


Wow! My husband nearly died when we came home from our date night and found out what had happened! He couldn't believe he missed it.

Fairly Odd Mother

I'm not a huge baseball fan but this even made my eyes tear up and gave me goosebumps. So glad you could witness it live!

Manic Mommy

My husband was at the game ON FRIDAY NIGHT. Bummer, dude.We watched Buchholz from home. Your play-by-play was technicolor. Thanks for sharing.Your husband was undeserving to be at such a moment in Red Sox history. ;-)


You are SO lucky! First, to have a father so generous with his season's tickets. And would he like to adopt me? And second that you got to see this game. This is the one you'll tell your grandchildren about (if you have them!). It was astounding!

cape buffalo

color me green. we were there on Sunday :)


Those are some good seats! We watched it on TV when ESPN cut into something (a football game?). Honestly, it made me nervous to watch. Don't know if I could have stood it in person.Paula

Gift of Green

Great post. And those accents...I rarely hear them down here in the South.


I stumbled upon your article by accident, I was searching for the significance behind 'Sweet Caroline'......first I must admit that like your husband I am a Yankee fan, but even so that no-hitter was an amazing sight....my boyfriend(a Red Sox fan) and I started watching the game and we were like who's this guy??!! Now we will never forget him:) So maybe you can give some advice....we are headed to Boston this weekend to watch the Sox/Yankees at Fenway.....can our relationship survive this??!! haha

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