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September 06, 2007



Thank you! I'd never heard of CSAs before.

Mrs. Chicky

I am so interested in this! And your CSA is really close to me. I'll definitely be joining. Thanks!

Major Bedhead

We're going to do this next year. One nice thing about living out here behind the Tofu Curtain - lots and lots and LOTS of locally grown produce, even at Big Y and Stop & Shop. Plus, a plethora of CSAs to chose from.


That's a wonderful idea.Also wonderful: both sets of grandparents have farms. We're set for vegetables!


Funny you should mention this. Husband suggested recently that he wants to buy-in to a local farm co-op next year. I think it's 20 a week? He's going to get more info from work.We've planted a small garden the last few years and while I can't say it's been successful, the kids have enjoyed it and we've gotten some things from it.


I joined a CSA about four years ago and loved it! I did it for three years, took one year off, then couldn't get back in this year. I find that, when I go to local places to buy their veggies, I end up spending about $30/week. When you divide up the total by week for a CSA, it is a VERY good deal. I will sure miss those apples this year.

Pinks & Blues Girls

This is a wonderful concept, and I will definitely be checking it out. My fondest memories from my childhood are of vegetable and fruit picking on my grandparents' farm in Michigan, and then helping my beautiful Grandma Martin sell the produce from a roadside stand. You can't buy those memories... but you've given me a new way to enjoy produce AND create more memories.Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls


Great post. I too joined a CSA this year. It's been wonderful. I am finding that the lack of choice is oddly liberating - because they gave me all those peppers, I *will* figure out something to do with them!


One of my best friends is an organic farmer herself. I just need to invite her over more often, and I won't need my own CSA membership. She always comes bearing vegetables :)


I'm not trying to make an argument against CSA, but I just saw this on kottke.org:"Determining the amount of energy it takes to bring food from farm to table is difficult, but it looks as though shipping in food from afar is, in some cases, more energy efficient than food produced locally"At the very least, you can feel good about your Californian food...

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