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November 29, 2007



There is something to be said about a place with uniqueness. I love driving through cities and marveling at the architecture. And "old" cities are even better. Husband and I drove around and around one block in Providence over the summer because I wanted to see the scrolling on one particular building but couldn't catch it all in one trip!

And it's not just the big buildings. We always said we'd never buy another old house, but then we took a tour of a 200 year old farm house (well 1/2 was 200, the other 70 - which is what the town considers it). But the interior definitely has the older details. We also drove by a house on a cul-de-sac a friend mentioned and while it's only a year or two old and a very nice large house, it gave me the ibby jeebies. It was just too perfect in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. It definitely wasn't me.

I would love to see pictures if you ever take any!


We lived in an old mill city for 5 years and loved it. The old buildings and architecture. I loved living in an old house...definitely can't find them in suburbia.

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