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November 10, 2007


Pinks & Blues Girls

My heart breaks and my tears flow for you. I have been in your place four times in my life... with my childhood best friend, Chippy, my big wonder-mutt who saw me through elementary school and all the bullshit that girls throw at girls, through teenaged (and adult) boyfriends and more heartache, to my marriage to my wonderful husband. He was nearly 16 when we said goodbye. Then with my two "sons" Cracker and Carmel, two abandoned same-litter puppies who were, in fact, my two giant baby boys for 14 and 15 years. Saying goodbye to them was torture. Then my "grandson" Bizzy, Jane's "Big Boy", who we said goodbye to much too soon this past summer. Bizzy was only 6 years old, and he stayed for Jane and her husband through terrible pain brought by his cancer. The day before we said goodbye to him I got down next to him and stroked his beautiful fur, kissed his nose over and over again, and told him that I would take such good care of his Mommy for him. He looked at me just as my Chippy and Carmy and Cracker had, and I knew he was ready to go. But it always still breaks my heart and fills my eyes with tears when I hear of this pain for anyone. Please know that so many of us care so very much.
Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Mrs. Chicky

I knew Zack was bad off but I had no idea about the other stuff you were going through. I'm really hoping your next 20 days are much happier!

{hugs} to you and Zack.


A very difficult ten days. May the next ten be much, much better!

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