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November 16, 2007


Emma kw

I just read that Toys for Tots have to trash thousands of donated toys due to the recall. This totally sucks! One of our "big things" of the holiday saeson is to load up at Target for TfT since our kids are too old for toys! We have soooo much fun, just picking fun things for unknown children! But now we have to play the " made in America" game too , which will take some of the joy out of our Toys for Tots shop! Please spread the word, though, as TfT have a massive toy loss due to the recalls, appx 200,00 kids could go without, and that would be REALLY BAD!!!


We have a great little toy store in our town too. I just found out that Melissa and Doug toys are made in China too! Here I was thinking I was buying good quality, wood toys.

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