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November 15, 2007


Barb Cooper

Oh, well, sure. I can say that I have my holiday cards all ready to go, too. IF I USE THE ONES I ORDERED LAST YEAR AND DIDN'T SEND!

I just took down my Christmas lights from last year. Seriously. I'm thinking about cancelling the whole holiday season until I can get caught up. Anyone else?

Barb Cooper

Oh, PS: I'm going to be a New England Mama in a few months. Right now, can I be your token Texan?


Oh crap now you have me worried? I took my picture Monday, ordered the cards Tuesday and now am awaiting their arrival early next week. Now I'm crossing my fingers that they come out as good as I envisioned them.


I didn't roll my eyes, but I did flip off my computer screen.


You win, overachiever in the Christmas card department. But I've done all my Christmas shopping. So there! And I'm a liar, too.


ACK! I have to get going on our Christmas cards...thanks for the reminder!


Know what I want for Christmas? To be proactive. Like you.

Fairly Odd Mother

And here I thought I was being proactive by planning to get the Santa photos done next week. . .

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