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November 10, 2007



sounds like quite the setup. I'd be tempted to create a need to stay home - sick kid, sick dog, sick water heater, something that needs your attention at home - invite her to bring her salad and join her at your house. Makes the whole leftovers thing so much easier.


So let me get this straight...she asked YOU to cook the turkey and the entire rest of her plans included salad and cranberry sauce with no sugar?!?! Gee, she wasn't really going over the top with this dinner, was she! Thank goodness you are willing to rescue Thanksgiving!


Wow. Sounds like a lot of work for not hosting Thanksgiving dinner!


People... I love to cook, hate to clean. She has to clean her house. She has to set the table. She has to wash the dishes. Me, I just have to cook and eat. I feel like I've won the lottery. That's how much I hate to clean!

Emma kw

I'm with Kate - invite them to your house! But I would ask her if her family have special dietary requirements - looking at the list of things she didn't want to cook reminds me of some friends I know who have diabetes and dairy allergies. I coach in a Special Olympics soccer program, and many of the children with Autism are on a no sugar, no wheat and no dairy diet which ( I am informed by the parents) is the latest in the war on Autism and PPD/NOS. Not saying that her kids have been diagnosed, but maybe you should check!That said, maybe she is just a health freak - and they are most miserable during the holidays ( we have one child who is on the High School wrestling team, and has to watch what SHE eats all season - and no, she doesn't starve, she has to eat healthily, because wrestlers need tons of energy, just no fat!!). I use Spenda instead of sugar,margine instead of butter,low fat milk and fat free cool whip, and keep the portions small!! Trust me, no-one can tell the difference! Turkey still tastes great! But seriously, check with your friend - not all children with Autism Spectrum disorders display obvious signs that most people would recognize, and more and more kids seem to have food allergies!

bren j.

"Life-affirming" turkey. Hah! Love that....but this friend of yours - is she for real? She's not requiring a list of nutrition facts for each dish you're bringing, is she?

Nice that you don't have to clean and I'm glad she's at least chipping in for the food. I guess you can take it as either a) she's extremely fond of your cooking and this is her form of flattery or b) she's just lazy in the kitchen!

Cape Buffalo

You crack me up. I kept thinking I was reading one of those funny outrageous (insert holiday) horror story forward emails... but no, it's Margalit.

Good luck with Thanksgiving. My mom always invites the strays on our lives (those w/ no close family or place to go on the holiday) and she always tells them to "bring what makes the holiday for you". For some, it's the green bean casserole, others bring chestnut stuffing. But they have their favorite thing snad that's what;s important.

Fairly Odd Mother

LOL, this cracked me up! I've hosted Thanksgiving twice in the past few years but don't cook turkey so my sister has had to bring it over here to cook! Let's just say that I'm off the hook for this year (heh, heh!).

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