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December 13, 2007



Beautiful post. You write so descriptively. Lovely. I'm reading this as I sit in the office, waiting for Hubby and Sweetie to show up. I'm worried about getting home - but I bet Sweetie is all excited!

Emma kw

Here Here! beautifully written! I spent an anxious 3 hours waiting for DD to get home today - after a 10 minute drive from the Mall became 45 minutes Although I did also throw my head back and catch a few snowflakes trudging thru the parking lot!
Husband is somewhere on Rt 1, left Boston at 3pm, got to Logan at 4pm ( usually 5 minutes!), so may get home by midnight!
But hey, it sure looks pretty! Bring on the Snow Day!! I feel a snowman longing to come out and play!


Extremely well written indeed!!! I would love to have a snow day around here.


Beautiful Binky!

I almost walked to school to pick Einey today, and I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed the walk like the Boss would.

We were out playing in the snow, waiting for the neighbor to come home so the girls could ask if they could slide down her hill, when they found an ideal sledding spot in our yard - down the stone stairs and into the play-yard. Who would have thought it! They had a blast - I need to buy boots and ski pants!


A lovely post. It's helpful to have these critters around sometimes, when perspective starts to skew our grown-up brains a little.


Oh man, this was so... So.. Tear inducing. Darn you. ;)

But really, this was beautiful. Hope your feet are doing alright today though.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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