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December 04, 2007


Mrs. Chicky

Those cookies sound yummy. I'll have to try them. The pumpkin pie? Not so much. But I admire you for trying!


I remember the last cookie swap we went to - and somehow you had managed to make something then as well. The funfetti cookies sound delicious!

As for cookies - crap. I need to make like 5 dozen sugar cookies by Friday. Somehow I told the girls they could have a cookie decorating party at the house on Friday. Why do I do this to myself.


I believe anyone making simple mistakes in your condition is automatically given a pass. The term is, "Pregnancy brain." :D

Fairly Odd Mother

OMG, that is funny about the pumpkin pie on a cookie sheet. Well, I suppose you only do that once and then you know, right? I've had many cooking mishaps and set off far too many smoke detectors as well.


Too funny!!! I agree that it could be blamed on Pregnancy Brain. :)


I love to bake so I'm well. . .um. . .what can I say, definitely prego brain.

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