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December 18, 2007


Mom on Coffee

I always use their names too. I make a point of it then and when I talk to someone in the service industry on the phone, as well. It always freaks them out. What started as a nice greeting and morphed into a fun way to mess with someone's head. LOL. I kid, kinda...

I hate that we live over an hour from the store of love. But, it could, quite possibly be a damn good thing.

Emma kw

In a previous life, I worked retail, and i loved it when people called me by my name! I would try to reciprocate by glancing at their credit card if poss! Name tags can be a good thing ( especially the time, when I was 17 and working under the golden arches, and this really cute guy asked me out on a date!!). Now I am on the other side of the register, and am too a lover of the Target ( pronounced Tarjey!!).I will be there today, because we're out of shower gel!Any excuse! And I will exit with a cart full!!

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