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December 03, 2007


Fairly Odd Mother

I L-O-V-E snow days. So much so that, even though we are homeschooling, I've told the girls that we will still honor snow days and will not 'do school' when we get buried in the white stuff. So, yeah, today was a disappointment.

bren j.

Gee, you need to move further north! The snow outside today is PERFECT. Falling at just the right speed...and we have the added blessing of The Husband having the week off!


Yeah, we are getting buried here, and have been in and out and in and out multiple times. Looks like we might be canceled tomorrow, too.

My kids love it. It gets old quick for me, though.

Yer header is purty.

Ruth Dynamite

We had a 90-minute delay, and I spent most of it chipping 1/2 an inch of ice off my car. But still...I love the excitement of a snowy/icy storm (from inside my warm house, I might add).


My kids are happy to say that they had a nice snowday off! Daughter, 13 babysat. But my son, a Junior in High School, got called in to attend varsity basketball practice! Ladies, am I out of line to feel that if school is cancelled due to snow and ice (and the snow continued all day out here) that these kids should NOT be expected to attend school-related practices? Son is getting his drivers license in a few weeks...and I'm sure he would have insisted on driving to practice. I don't think this is right, but complaining is not an option. (we can't possibly be the annoying parents)


KMS - that is completely wrong! I would not send my kids to any school functions if school was canceled. Most of the time around here, those things get canceled anyway. I would call and complain, it just isn't safe, especially if those kids kids (mostly new drivers and unexperienced driving in winter conditions) were driving themselves to practice. That was poor judgment on the coaches side!


Thanks Margaret. I agree. The season hasn't even started yet...and out here...I'm sure another snow day will occur. I'm NOT risking MY childs safety. Thanks for the sanity check!


We have 2 feet of snow up here in northern Maine and 2 snow days from school this week...you could always move! LOL


We had a snowday on Monday much to my chagrin. Toooo early for snow! And we haven't bought a snow blower yet. ACK.

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