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December 22, 2007


sandy shoes

"...Easter is Christmas’s poor cousin." While this is undoubtedly true at the mall and on television, in church, Easter does have the status you'd think it should. At least that's been my (Episcopal) experience. Mileage varies :).

I totally get what you say about Jesus being anti-establishment. So true, and so often forgotten/glossed over.


Rock on, sister! This is so close to my own beliefs, and yet I have never been able to articulate it even a fraction so clearly.


...like I needed another reason to have another baby.

A lovely post. Thank you!

Mrs. Chicky

What Velma said. I don't think I ever could have summed it up that well.

And that song is a great Christmas tune and I always forget to add it to my Christmas mix. Am adding it right now.

Mr. Chicky

Absolute perfection. This post has brought me to tears. Though brought up by a mother of deep religious faith, I never got the God bug, but I too loved me some Jesus. In his words and his deeds I did find faith, but not in God, but rather faith in the goodness of humanity. Thank you for bringing that all back to me. In all of the chaos of modern life’s daily grind, I’ve lost a bit of Christmas spirit in recent years. I blink and the whole season has come and gone for me with all the responsibilities of the season falling on the shoulders of Mrs. Chicky. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to read this until two days after Christmas, but I’m certainly glad that I did. Thank you for reminding me what this season is really about. Faith in humanity. Hope for a better tomorrow. Love Personified. And taking a moment out of our lives to celebrate these things with friends and family. As I sit here with tears gently rolling down my face, I realize that I’ve been waiting for these exact words to shake me out of my haze. Thank you … and Merry Christmas.

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