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December 20, 2007


Mom on Coffee

I would seriously be lost without "KAM", thats what I call him. I love him, almost as much as I love Kirby(the vacumm, but oh so much more to me). But I digress. KAM was my Grandmother's, then my mother's, and now mine. He has a lot of history within those attachments. Makes me heart KAM even more.

Mom on Coffee


All the baking sounds absolutely divine too!! I think I'm almost sugared out already though...

I can't believe I just said that

Mrs. Chicky

I made cookies last night and I got so tired of lugging out my stand mixer I just used my trusty old hand mixer. I think the blush is off the rose.

Oh, and those "no fail" sugar cookies. They kind of failed for me too.


Love my Kitchenaid. LOVE it. It has a place of honot right on the counter, so there is no lugging. It's just there. Supportive. Waiting. Ready to create baked goods.

I think it may be my best friend.

Cape Buffalo

I love my stand mixer, but I think every kitchenaid needs one of these:

Major Bedhead

Oh, yeah, I totally want one of those flame kits.

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