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December 18, 2007



Sounds yummy! If I'm ever out in New Engleand I'll have to get a pizza to try. :)


I think I'm the only person in this section of the state that has no affinity for Town Spa Pizza.

Peppers and Pepperoni, though? Yum.


I've always thought that my love of pizza would fade away with age, but noooooo.


Both of my brothers live in a town directly south of Springfield on the CT line. You can probably figure out where. I've been to Red Rose many times. In fact, my niece had one of her most spectacular tantrums EVER at Red Rose, which burned it in my mind forever. Great pizza. Different than Boston or NYC pizza, it's more a combo of the two.

I LOVE pizza. LOVE it.


Aw, gee, now I'm hungry.

Major Bedhead

Ooh! I'm just next door to Springfield. I will have to give this place a try.

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