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December 31, 2007


Sarah at In the Trenches

Great post, Mrs. Chicky! I love the Sports Guy (and his wife!)


Dr. V. and his buddy bought (refundable) airline tickets to Phoenix last August. You know, just in case...

Emma kw

Hubbies best friend gave him a Brady shirt for Christmas - Hubbie a life long Trans Atlantic Dolphins/Marino fan!! We've lived for 14 years in New England, and Hubby has put up with abuse from our friends all the time! Yes, he was wearing the new shirt on Saturday, next to me in my Flutie #2, and we will be forcing him to wear it from now on !! Although during the first half I almost told him to change back into his Green and Orange number 13, I thought he was jinxing the Pats!
We will not mention the SB.........


Always and forever a Patriots fan here!! xoxo


Oh Mrs C....can I relate to this.

We have lived down here in the South for about a year and a half now,moving from New England (as you know) and I see now how fair weather the sports fans can be. The poor Carolina Panthers are losing horribly and the stadium is half full! folks are giving away their tickets in droves.

Dave and I always went to the Pats games. We had season tix for 15 years, and I can tell you, whether they played poorly, as you and I both know happened soooooo much for so many years, and now they are....what? A dynasty dare I say? We couldn't be prouder to be Pats fans...I don't care if everyone else hates us. *snicker*

Manic Mommy

Honk if you've ever frozen your ass off on the metal bench seats at Sullivan Stadium!

Go Pats, Go Brady, Go Belichick!

(also 1972 Dolphins are big cry babies)

mr. big dubya

I've said it all along - "Bring on the hate."

I've been stealing Bill Simmons' nickname for this year's Pats team because it is so spot on: Cobra Kai Yankees. I'm perfectly happy having a whole host of winning teams: Sox, Pats, Celts - it really is nice to be on this side of the fence.

Bandwagon Passenger by Birth proudly sporting a Pat Patriot hat. I apparently have misplaced my Hannah's Hogs shirt.

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