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December 20, 2007



See our dogs ate my birth control pills and a bar of soap. I'd put nothing past them.

Julie Pippert

Oh that's too bad!!!

Using My Words

Mac and Cheese

I'm glad even you can't stop your dogs from taking stuff off the counter. I've been feeling like the biggest loser in the world of dog training.


Where do I go to train my HUSBAND not to leave stuff where the dogs can get it? Although there have been days I would've happily stapled my boxers tongue to the floor if I'd've thought that would help.


You're offering yourself as a TRAINER? Oh come on now. We all has seen Papelbon. You're not going to be training his dog, you wicked woman, you! :-)

This, btw, is the saddest story ever. I don't know what kind of dog Boss is, but he obviously needs a bit of help not stealing stuff from the counter.

What I wouldn't do to be Papelbon's dog.

Fairly Odd Mother

One would think that he may have put the baseball in a safe or at least in a protected spot? Geesh.

Major Bedhead

How the heck did I miss this story?

Can I come help you drool, I mean, assist in the training? Can we play some Dropkick Murphys while we're doing the drooling? I mean, training? Pretty please?

You'd think Jonathan Papelbon would maybe own a little trophy case or something. Y'know, maybe have a room for his baseball swag. He should maybe think about building one....

Manic Mommy

Did the Red Sox learn nothing from the Mientkiewicz ball incident? I would think that the one thing an organization full of men could keep track of is their balls!

Bad, Pap! Bad!


My heart went in my throat when I read the headline.

But then I saw it happened to a Red Sox player and was like, eh...


You know I'll take the Sox over the Yankees anyday, but I can't help giggling at this story. Leave it to a dog.

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