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December 12, 2007



I cherish those little but AWESOME moments as well. Hopefully you'll have another one soon!

Mrs. Chicky

The little moments are the best ones! And a glass of Riesling and a bit of chocolate sounds great right about now. Even at 9:30 in the morning. ;)

Fairly Odd Mother

Wow, you've avoided that panic-of-the-season? I was doing well until someone said "Two weeks left" to me yesterday! Maybe that explains the wine I had with dinner and the chocolate too!


FOM, I'm wondering if maybe pre-loading the wine a bit helped me avoid some of the panic... I did start sampling back in November, after all.

And Mrs. C., ain't nothing wrong with wine in the morning... it's after 6:00pm somewhere, right?


I'm doing fairly well. Although I just found out I have a week to make two angel costumes for a Christmas show next Wednesday.

Oh and I have a birthday party scheduled for Sunday morning that due to weather, I may have to cancel. Oy vey!


So you found the Riesling.....isn't it great?!


I hope Wednesday was and Thursday *is* better!


I'm on the same wave length here. At least...I want to be.

I'm working on it.

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