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December 20, 2007


Fairly Odd Mother

LOL, yes. . .jerk. Phew, that was a close call!


Hah! Too funny. That's great.

Sweetie has been very concerned lately about "bad words". There are boys in her class she likes, and others she doesn't because they say bad words.

And we've told her she's not to say "Oh my God!" because it's better to say "Oh my gosh!" or "oh my goodness!" So then when she hears someone say the former, she's all like, "Mama, they said a bad word!".

Emma kw

From the mouths of babes!! My darling son, back when he was 3 years old, would go to watch dad play soccer - back when we lived in England, and would proudly stand on the sidelines with all his surrogate Uncles, comment on the game, then head for the clubhouse for a soda and crisps. One day, the father of a little girl from the opposing team accosted my hubby after the game, demanding to know what the H@#* he was teaching his son! When asked, dear little son said " Well, she was annoying me, so I used the magic word" "What magic word?" asked hubby " F@#*k Off" replied serious son. "Why is it magic?' asked bemused hubby. " Coz when I say it, people disappear" replied the 3 year old. In front of the entire team, who , of course, thought this was hilarious!! I was not impressed when Hubby got home and told me! Now our son is all growed up(20), and still goes to watch his dad play soccer, but his language has improved!

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