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December 03, 2007



Love the new site! I love reading all about the New England Mamas. I live outside of Boston and have gotten some great ideas here.


Seems like every blogger I read is moonlighting over hear so I finally gave up and popped in for a visit. Happy I did. There's nothing I like better than free stuff! Yeah! http://imstell.blogspot.com


Please enter me in your fun contest. I'm going to enjoy reading more about New England, here on this classy blog.

Motherhood Uncensored

Just wanted say "congrats" on the new baby. At least this one doesn't give you roids... :)

Shannon Paul

I was referred over here from a friend's blog and have enjoyed reading!


Grew up in Boston, transplanted to Delaware, still missing N. E.


I am in NJ but my husband is from NH and we visit often. I need to get my lobster roll fixes!

Deb on the Rocks

I wish I lived in New England!

Mrs. Q.

You New England Mamas are wicked pissah!

Le Anne

I am going to enjoy reading your blog. I am from the other end of the country...Southern California. I have never been to New England but now I will be able to get a glimpse of it through your eyes. Congratulations on your new blog. By the way I was directed here by Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer...I LOVE HER BLOG.

Le Anne


I had found your sites months ago at the end of my pregnancy and in the frenzy of labor, breastfeeding and finally sleeping on my stomach again, I forgot to bookmark your site! So glad I found you again; I can't wait to read what other New England moms have to say!


I am thrilled to find this blog...I am a native New England mama, born in the Bershires and living on the coast of CT. I am adding this to my favorites and will be back daily to check out the happenings of other NE mamas!!!!


Major Bedhead sent me! :)

Donna from mid Michigan

I admit it. I am a newbie. However NOT new to Dunkin Donuts coffee. I made the other office pleebes jealous as my perking Dunkin Donuts brand outshown their OTHER brands.Then we'd still all go out together to catch the bad guys. (Parole/Probation of Adult Felony Offenders)
Currently drinking home brewed starbucks Holiday blend, and waking up.

CHEERS...and OH yes...I WANNA BE A WINNER!! (quick did I type Winner or WHINER?)


What a great blog. Enter me please!!!


Hi, the blog makes me miss New England - I grew up on the South Shore and live in MA until I was 26 - and now live in the Southwest, which is pretty much the polar opposite of New England.

Love the new blog!


Hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter (I think?). Nice new home!


Just checking out the new blog and hoping to win a free something!


I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Yay, New England Mamas!


New England Mamas is such a fun site and I am glad that I found it!


The site looks great!


Why not? I focus a lot on Western Mass in my blog...and on being a mom.


Cute blog! I'd love to see more Mainers around.


Wow, Alex directed me to this blog and it looks great! I look forward to learning a lot about being a mama in New England.


What a great site! So diverse. I'm still a little teary over that audio clip of that 13 yr old boy - that was amazing! I also can't lie - I'm thrilled you're featuring my brother's t-shirts and offering his onesies as a potential gift - that is how I found this site. Glad I did!

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