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December 19, 2007


Sarah at In the Trenches

I agree. I think the weathermen get such a thrill at the first snow(s) of the season. Everyone hypes it up and there's such a frenzy.


Our town NEVER has snow days. We're infamous for having school when other school systems have weeks off. But I understand why so many towns call off school. The Boston burbs are laid out in a way that kids have to travel long distances on busses. The state regs say that you have to live 2.2 miles from high school in order to take the bus, so a lot of older kids walk or drive themselves (gulp) to high school. People DO NOT have to plow sidewalks in many towns. Many towns do not have sidewalks at all. Or have whole neighborhoods that aren't covered with walkways for kids. So they have to walk in the street.

Now think for a second. Your kid is walking to school. On the street. With HUGE HUGE piles of snow blocking any exit from the street if a car comes barreling down the road on black ice. Do you REALLY want your kid in the street?

I don't, and my kid DOES walk to school every day (I don't have a car) and nobody shovels their walkways. It's dangerous. Which is why they call off school. If the busses can't get through the streets, like in Boston, and parking is allowed on the streets, just where are the kids to walk?

Emma kw

No snow days here either - not even a delay. I had to get out the snowblower at 6am to ensure daughter could get to school - she is a senior, and drives.Our driveway entrance is bad on a good day - drivers seem to think the speed limit is 55 not 35, so add several inches of snow and you got one nervous Mother! Driving around our towns, none of the sidewalks were cleared ( where there ARE sidewlaks!), which I always believed was a factor in closing school. Apparently our superintendant doesn't agree!

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