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January 25, 2008


sandy shoes

Good post. We don't watch TV either. It's so worth it: my kids have active imaginations and long attention spans. Sure that's possible in a TV viewing household. But they never pester me to buy stuff. It rocks! And I believe that's in part because they don't see commercial TV.

Like you, I don't watch because I find it too annoying. But I'm also cheap, I guess. I just think it's really odd how much money people are willing to spend each month to watch television -- essentially paying for the privilege of having companies yell at them to buy things -- but the price of milk goes up a dime and they're all "life is soooo expensive!" Whatever.

Besides I can't watch TV, I'm too busy wasting my time on teh internets. :)


I owned a TV but with no hookup through college; we had a VCR, and the (one, and only) video store in town had a "5 for 5 for 5" deal: $5 for 5 movies for 5 days. So we had that available for amusement, and my now-husband worked at the bar across the street, and somehow the time passed.

Then in grad school I lived alone and didn't own a TV set. This was fine, I was working 40-hour weeks and attending full-time class and barely had time to eat.

And then my boyfriend-then-fiance-then-husband moved in. And he simply cannot live without sports. So we got a television, and it has slowly sucked me back in. But whenever he starts kvetching about money, I remind him that we could save a billion dollars a month by getting rid of cable, and he subsides. Because he knows I could live without it again any time... and I have a good collection of cheesy movies to carry me through.


Finally someone else! We made the leap when we had our daughter this past summer and I'm always amazed how easy it has been. I find that our time together as a family is so much richer because of it. I can't believe I used to waste so much time in front of that thing! The weird part is how odd the other 99% find it when they learn I'm in the 1%...like I'm a leper or something.


SS: And here I am too! ;)

Kate: Sports. Oh yeah. Our one weakness in this whole thing was World Cup Soccer. We had cable for the duration of the games, then canceled our service. Interestingly enough, we actually only watched the games. We'd been out of the loop so long we didn't know what else was on, and didn't have the time and the will to find out.

Carla: It's something that's hard to talk about, isn't it? If I mention I don't watch, and my child doesn't, I get the feeling that some people think I've insulted them.

um. No.


We are TV-free too, Funny, that people aren't insulted by the crap that is on TV, but are insulted by the fact that I don't partake.


Great post! We were tv-free for the kids from the start (i.e. DH & I would sometimes watch tv or a movie after they went to bed). but it has started drifting in more and more. They don't watch every day - and when they do - it's usually less than half and hour so I can get a shower, etc. But reading your post really encourages me to cut back again - for all of us!

Fairly Odd Mother

Hmmmm. . .sounds great in theory. We just aren't there. There have been times I've wanted to kill off the cable but would probably have to kill off DH at the same time then. We don't watch a ton, just enough to give my brain a break from the kids. We've lived through "Turn off the TV" week for two years, but it doesn't light me up enough to do away with it for good.


Suzanne: There is actually some good stuff on occasionally...which is partly what keeps our Netflix Q so long. I hear you though.

Kate/FOM: I don't know that if I hadn't already stopped watching, I wouldn't be typing this while the Impling chilled in front of an old Sesame Street episode, or even Dora. I don't know if I would have the will to take it away if we already had it. That seems like it would be a REALLY difficult undertaking. But since we didn't have it, the Impling doesn't miss it.

Just like anything else, your mileage may vary. I just happen to have very bad mileage where tv is concerned.

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