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January 04, 2008



Oh, how awful! Just reading that furnace story got me a little shaky with worry for you...
Yeah, you know it's winter in new england when your pipes start to freeze. Good times, indeed!
Here's hoping for an early spring.

Pinks & Blues Girls

WInters in New England... so much fun! Unfortunately, I'm more equipped to handle those types of scenarios than my husband. He's just... not a handyman. Of course, my solution is just to call one! :)

Jane, Pinks & Blues


Um, I think I am glad that here in the dear old South, the only thing I have to worry about breaking in the Arctic blast we have had this week, is my car... ;)

Major Bedhead

I was out last night at a friend's house and frozen pipes were a topic of conversation for 20 minutes. Those are the times when I'm really glad I'm no longer a home owner.

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