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January 30, 2008



You could insert any other sporting fan / group and I'd still be just as lost.
Best wishes

Manic Mommy

HRH had a full on meltdown in the back seat last week because Johnny Damon was a Yankee. I explained that he could still like him.

Apparently, the indoctrination is too complete. He sobbed he could never like a Yankee. He's 5.


BG is dead wrong, the Buffalo Bills are New York's only football team. New York State is much more than just New York City. The Bills play in New York, and therefore they pay taxes to New York and make revenue for New York.

Jets and Giants fans have to cross state lines to see their teams play!!!!


I grew up in NJ. My father was a Giants fan. It is weird to be rooting against them, but Eli makes it easier.

That green and white team will always be the NJ Jets to me.

Major Bedhead

Does this mean that he is a *spit* Yankees fan, too?

Big Giraffe

Well, all's well that ends well, and that Superbowl certainly ended well.

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