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January 15, 2008



Ohhhhh mmmmmmmm.

Life As I Know It

Yum, that sounds good!
I just discovered Trader Joe's dark french roast. It's my new favorite coffee. There's nothing worse than a bad cup 'o coffee in the morning.

Mrs. Chicky

I know I probably say this every time you post one of these but I love you so much right now. I can finally drink my one cup of coffee a day now and I'm definitely going to try this blend.


OMG. The Coffee Exchange. How i miss that place so much. remember Granitas? mmmmmmmmm

and my all-time favorite Coffee Blend, Kid From Brooklyn, which i tried because the cute girl behind the counter described it as "spunky", which i now see they actually use to describe it on the website as well...

mmmmm, Coffee Exchange...


Why have I never had your delicious coffee?

I'll be over tomorrow morning.

pinks & blues girls

Mmmmm, Coffee Exchange. I was just there last Saturday night! It hasn't changed a bit from your description... still small and cramped, with fliers and posters everywhere. Oh, and those tiny round tables that only fit about 1 1/2 people!

Jane, Pinks & Blues



I think this might be worth a trip south! I'll bring my own dairy-free creamer!

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