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January 18, 2008


Manic Mommy

I too and ready for some football. From the comfort of my livingroom. Not in 15 degrees in Foxboro. And I've gotten by just fine with big picture football.

If I require a little more indepth information, all I have to do is tune into the profanity-laden diatribe being directed at the TV by my husband, brother, and brothers-in-law.


Our new game would be perfect for you!
It's Quick Count Football card game.
My friend referred to herself as a "Football Widow" for 30 years. Now she plays our game with her husband and their friends, and she's starting to "get it" after all these years. Every time she sees me she says "thank you!"


I drove my crazed football fan of a husband crazy for years with my incessant questions.

"What does fourth and inches mean, honey? Third and long? What's a safety? Hey, how come that guy in the stripes threw a yellow bean bag? What's off-sides?"

I'm surprised he didn't divorce me. Seriously.

Now I can just watch the game, which saves me a bunch of icy glares and spares me from scraping nacho cheese out of my ottman.

Go Pats!

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