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January 05, 2008



I. Hate. Mitt. Romney.

I'd love to see Obama and Giuliani on a ticket, but that won't happen :(

Fairly Odd Mother

Does anyone make up their minds based on the commercials??? I gag just a little whenever they pop on (like, every 2 minutes)----you'd think that in this day of great special effects and animation, someone would be making a commercial worth watching. Really, they all blend into the other!


I'd LOVE to have a Mitt-vs.-anybody else race because when the heat is on, his plastic facade will MELT. He's so FAKE, beating him in the general election would be like shooting fish in a barrel!


My personal favorite is how, after spending 60 seconds talking about just how wonderful they are they then say "I'm so and so and I approved this message." Like it needed their endorsement.


bren j.

I moved to the US from Canada in 2002. What's the one thing I hate most about living here? Election years! By gum! All the commercials! It's enough to drive the most sane person mad after only a week!

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