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January 15, 2008


Mrs. Chicky

Oh hon. I am so sorry about all the bruises. But if that doesn't qualify you as a real New Englander I don't know what will.

Life As I Know It

Yup, that sounds about right!

Every winter I wonder why we live here...and then the summer and fall arrive and I realized I don't want to live anywhere else!


So very true. I love looking out at my yard right now, the trees hanging low with the weight of the snow. I love the fresh tracks my dog makes when she walks. I also, however, love that my snowblower is finally working again, and do not look forward to the inevitable gray slush that this lovely snow will become. Alas.

bren j.

This is only our second winter here, but already that sounds about right. "Mocking" snow.....you're not kidding.

Major Bedhead

Snow is a bitter, bitter woman, out to wreak vengeance on all who try to move, mold and otherwise change her pristine, white, cold heart.

Not that I've thought about it or anything.



Coming from Boulder, CO and having been in CT for 10 years this month, I hear you. Or, should I say... I feel your pain. Nothing like the New England cold that BITES right through you!

Alas... America does run on Dunkin' and for that, I am grateful!

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