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January 04, 2008



My parents are making noises about "downsizing" from the house where they have lived since I was 10, and while I understand that they don't need a 4 bedroom house anymore, it makes me sad to think of not going back there.


My parents moved from my childhood house the week after I graduated college.
I haven't been back in 15 years, but I still dream about it and can see every detail in that house.
Lovely post!


I too dream about our apartment in NYC and the house on Long Island where my parents still live...they're in their mid 80's now. Every inch of those places are deep in my memory. That your DH understood the power of home is an incredible blessing.

Ruth Dynamite

I still go home to my childhood home, with my childhood neighbors.

It's a wonderful sort of familiarity, and I know I'm blessed.

Sarah-Trenches of Mommyhood

My parents still live in my childhood home. I couldn't imagine them living anywhere else! While it's completely redecorated now, the stairs still make the same creaks, the smells are the same, and somehow it seems so much smaller now when I bring my boyz there than when I lived there with my 3 siblings.


That is a romantic and sensitive guy you've got there. I love that story!

Major Bedhead

What a lovely story!

When my mother sold the house where I grew up, I was really upset. I loved that house and I still miss it.

Gruppie Girl

Your post made me cry. It is beautiful.

Your hubby sounds wonderfully sentimental.

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