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February 14, 2008



Nah, I'm right there with you. I used to absolutely *despise* it, most especially the experience of stopping in the grocery store for milk and seeing the dumbass smug looks on the 20something guys who were all proud of themselves for remembering to get something that they have been reminded of for the past 6 weeks.

Now I'm pretty blase about it, we don't celebrate it between my husband and I - my mantra is, "It means more to me to get flowers on some random Tuesday than to get something on Valentine's Day because Hallmark told you to." - but we make cards with the kids and let them wear red to school, because there is something cute and harmless about elementary school celebrations.

But, yeah. Not my thing. My husband is giving an exam in his classes today, and will be at school until very late to grade it, so I'll be spending the evening alone. And that's fine, I'll have leftover cheesecake and watch mindless television and be perfectly content.

Then again, I am married and can be a little smug about the whole thing. I do feel bad for the people that feel like the whole day is basically one long reminder that they're single.


Nah, I'm right there with you. Husband will be studying tonight, so I'm sure I'll be drinking a glass of wine after the kids go to bed by myself.

My best gift ever on Valentine's (and actually I saw it today) was the big "Heart you" written in shaving cream on the bathroom mirror.

It's just the little things that matter most.


From a single gal with no s/o I find VDay sucks too! And yeah it's too commercialistic!


Most of my peers I've heard from on this issue feel the same way as you do. Personally, I am grateful for every excuse out there that tells me I can expect to receive sex and presents.


Okay, forget my last post. Apparently, I was supposed to open the mirror and look behind it. Apparently Husband paid a visit to our favorite jeweler (small coastal CT jeweler) and got me a real nice pair of earrings.

I still was really happy with the shaving cream heart.


{waving hand} I'm one of those who thinks of V.Day as "Thanks For Reminding Me I'm Single" Day.

Still, I made an effort yesterday for my kids. Got 'em each a small present, wrapped it all cool, nice dinner for them & my folks, made a cake, decorated it with hearts, wore red, sent each child an anonymous flower for Carnation Day.

And I got zip.


But really. If someone has to remind you to tell or show someone that you love them, doesn't that strip all of the meaning out of it?

Fairly Odd Mother

Our first Valentine's day as a married couple? I forgot and didn't even get him a card!

Now we do very little for this (Hallmark) holiday. He got me chocolates (my request) and I told him I want a night 'off' once a week to go out for a few hours alone. He got my hot body (HA!) and tickets to a concert he wanted to see. But, honestly, I think of this holiday as something more for the kids than us.

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