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February 02, 2008



I am in tears now, just thinking about it. It's unbelievable how fast it goes! It seems like only yesterday I was losing my mind with four of us in a queen bed. Now I feel lonely!


Awww, babies. We didn't cosleep all in the same bed on a regular basis, because I'm hard of hearing and my husband tosses and turns like it's an Olympic event. But we have a bassinet pulled next to the bed for at least 6 months, and then a long, slow transition out.


My son, at least, is still a cuddler, and will come lie on me in the mornings or if I take a nap on the couch. My daughter lacks the patience and as soon as she is conscious she's off to the next thing.


I think it's the nesting instinct! I frequently find all three of my little ones in the same bed.
Best wishes


Oh I can relate to everything your saying! We have a beautiful crib with the best mattress that was never used. We still haven't made the transistions to the beds yet but partly because its tough for us! Good luck to you...it will be a weird feeling to just sleep with your husband!


Yes, I don't know what I'll do when (if?) our youngest ever moves into her own bed. She is such a good cuddle! Usually I kick them out when I become pregnant and irritable with the next baby; but this time, there is no next baby kicking away inside my belly to keep me company at night. Sigh. After more than 16 years, it will seem strange to have the bed all to ourselves.

And, as you mentioned, it doesn't seem to have interfered with our intimate marital relations....


Well I for one hope that it is a mutual thing between FOP and D. The less tears the better (for everyone).

Good luck with this, I know it will be hard.

pinks & blues girls

Even though we each had our own rooms, Audrey and I slept in the same bed together for years. Keeping each other company, and talking to each other as we fell asleep, was wonderful for sisterly bonding. I love having our dogs sleeping with us in bed. It feels empty when it's just me and Steve!!

Jane, Pinks & Blues


I had never heard of cosleeping before I had kids! But we have everyone in with us most nights. Both kids have their own beds, but my dd (almost 4) starts out in hers and most of the time wanders in a little after midnight, and my ds (20 months) sleeps in with us at night & naps in his bed during the day. Sometimes it's crowded, but we love it anyway:)


Oh, and whenever people ask how we are able to keep the sex life going - I just remind them that we have the whole rest of the house for that! That is usually the end of the conversation;)

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