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February 16, 2008



February homeschooling is the worst. I have my article about it online at




After reading a post on a friends blog about how she took her son to a store after he was vomiting the night before (because, you know, the 24 hour symptom free school policy didn't meant he just couldn't go to school) and let him play in the kids area for an hour, I think I'll pass on hands on places for the rest of winter. That and I found out the last time we went to a play place last month, that another friend's child had pink eye which resulted in another friend's kids getting infected. She didn't realize that they were still contagious. Luckily my kids didn't catch it.

I think I need new friends.

Looks like a fun place to visit though.


Your son knows how to accessorize! I love that purse!

Mrs. Q.

Figures that the first thing D grabbed was the red purse. Hey, it matched his outfit!

What a blast. We will have to do it again soon. My little man enjoyed his chocolate lolly on the way home. And then passed out. Beautiful.

Camp Keegan

We've met FOM & kids here before. It is a inexpensive, hi return activity. Actually, am thinking it might be worth a return visit while hubby is traveling in two weeks. Another great indoor winter activity is Toe Jam Puppets at New Bedford's Buttowood Zoo on Mondays. Bonus if it is warm enough to let the kids run around the zoo for a bit. The guys are funny, and the kids can be maniacs in public without any screaming on your part.


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