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February 08, 2008



I remember it well - my older sister had appendicitis and the first day we could tunnel our way out the snow was when she had to get to the hospital STAT!

And to see the drifts from one picture window to the picture window of another house across the street...

And the tunnels we built!


Fairly Odd Mother

Great photos!

The strange thing is that I have NO recollection of this blizzard whatsoever. I was 11, so it seems like I should remember it. But, perhaps this was a coastal storm---at the time, I lived in Western Mass, and we were pretty used to getting a couple feet of snow at a time. I just don't remember this storm at all.

Cape Buffalo

Both of my parents were essential staff at local hospitals so they had to go to work while everyone else was housebound. I remember my parents walking up and down the street to ask our neighbors if they needed milk or food- they brought food back from the hospital cafeteria and shared it with the folks who were underprepared.


I lived in Okemos, Michigan in 1978, and we had the same storm. Wasn't it something like six feet of snow? I remember making tunnels through it, and my Dad helping our neighbors with their shoveling. My husband remembers his Mom bundling up him and his sister and pulling them in a sled down to the convenience store for milk. Crazy!


FOM: hee. A couple feet. hee. Try six.

You're right, it was coastal...from the North Shore down to Rhode Island. A hell of a storm.

Gift of Green

Oh the memories! Like the corners of my mind...misty water..oh nevermind! Those photos bring it back for me so vividly - I think everyone pretty much wore the same clothes/used the same type shovel/had the same scarves in the 70s.


Thanks for sharing your memories. It sounds like it would have been a cool childhood memory!

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