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February 26, 2008



We've done the daytime pajama party...man, that is awesome, isn't it?

I've also recently done a puppet party...we made puppets, then held very short (about 1 minute each) puppet shows with different combinations of kids. The puppet theatre was easy to "build", just one of those three-fold cardboard displays you can get in the stationery department of WalMart (it was actually an old science project one of my kids had done), and ours was covered with a large piece of black cloth we had anyway.

Also have done a cookie-decorating party.

Also did a child's dress-up party. By that I mean, everyone dug into the dress-up box and put on costumes. And then traded stuff around. And pretended to be princesses and wizards and scientists and stuff.

I'm with you on the control issues and being cheap. Except I don't think of it as being cheap so much as I think of other people as going bonkers over what should be a simple celebration. Really, the elaborate stuff people are doing now is insane.

The kids we've invited have always had a great time with our simple stuff. We always start out with coloring until all the kids are there, then do a craft or two, then cake and ice cream and presents and some easy games. Kids take their crafts home as the "goodie bags." And the balloons.

For my son, his first several parties were held at the local playground. The kids just ran around on all the playground stuff. Hello, can you say free? Cake and presents, entertainment built-in. SO simple. Doesn't work for winter babies, though.

A sledding party might be awesome, if you have a big hill nearby. Bring thermoses of hot cocoa. "Goodie bags" could be mittens or scarves or a snowball maker. Or a snowman kit. Hmmm...might have to do this myself next year. mk


I love doing my own parties -my favorite have been Meenies (which her last two have taken place at a local lake). I even made a cake in a bucket!

Here's an idea which we just started tossing around for Moe's forth birthday party in late September - a party at the local apple orchard with apple print painting and other apple themed ideas.


Oh and I forgot to mention, I did a fish themed party once and gave away beta fish as party favors.

I like to think outside the box!

Alex Elliot

We did a beach/fish theme party last year for my 4 year old. I filled a wadding pool and water table with toy fish. I also buried a bunch of "treasures" in our sandbox. The kids liked the activities but then quickly became bored. We had a few games as well. I think the problem is that we were the only home birthday party this past year and the kids just had higher expectations. The year before we rented a space at a church for $50 and had the kids bring their favorite bikes etc. That went over much better.

Chicky Chicky Baby

This is perfect timing! I need to plan my daughter's 3rd birthday party and I want to keep it small and low key (just close friends and a handful of her closest friends) and, well, cheap. I refuse to rent a place and have a huge party for a three year old. I'm sure I'll have enough of that pressure as she gets older.


I have loved all of your parties!

I am also a control freak, which is why my kids parties are not in my house. I just couldn't handle the crowd and food in areas outside my kitchen. So, the January baby gets a party at a fun place, and the summer baby gets a backyard bash.

Next year I am hoping to losen up enough to have a party in January at home.


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We did a beach/fish theme party last year for my 4 year old. I filled a wadding pool and water table with toy fish. I also buried a bunch of "treasures" in our sandbox. The kids liked the activities but then quickly became bored. We had a few games as well. I think the problem is that we were the only home birthday party this past year and the kids just had higher expectations. The year before we rented a space at a church for $50 and had the kids bring their favorite bikes etc. That went over much better.

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