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February 19, 2008



Mmmmmmm, donuts.

One of my favorite of my parents' traditions, which I have adopted, is that if they go out at night (either leaving me with a sitter or, later, just having me be the sitter, since my sisters are 9 and 14 years younger than me), they stop at Dunk's on the way home and leave a dozen donuts on the kitchen table for the morning. It was understood that this was frank bribery: gorge on sugar, and do not wake the parents earlier than strictly necessary.


The Brother-in-Law

Sad to say, but the Original Butler's Colonial Donut Shop (where I worked for 4 years) is now closed. The new owners bought Butler's in 2006, and also a second store in Somerset, MA. They closed the Westport location in early 2008.


I always loved how the lemon and blueberry donuts (remember when DD's made those?) would always be almost bursting out of one side of the donut. The glory ended when they stopped making the donuts in shop.

I was a big cruller girl. And just the plain honey glazed. Yummo.

Those Butler donuts look dangerous. Time for a road trip.


Your making me hungry!


I can't believe I was stupid enough to read this post. Boy, do I want a donut...


Yummmmm doughnuts... I want doughnuts......


Try Kane's in Saugus, MA. It will make all your doughnut dreams come true.....


I am a huge Krispy Kreme fan. I am sick of the poor quality donuts of Dunkin Donuts, and how NE is OBSESSED with Dunkins for no reason. People have argued to me, "Well, Dunkins has good coffee and Krispy Kreme doesn't." What? I love coffee, and Dunkin's has to be swimming with cream and sugar before I can tolerate it. DD's black coffee is awful. I have to try Butler's though it sounds great.


Kanes Donuts is the Best!!!!!!!!!1
They have the most wonderful donuts, it is worth the trip their honey dip melt in your mouth and their chocolate are rich and decadent


@Kate: I live in Westport and travel past the Butler's Donut building at least once a day. I've noticed that there hasn't been any activity in some time; most recently noticing a now slightly faded handwritten note indicating that they are now closed.

Initially, I thought perhaps they were closed for vacation; the former owner's used to put up similar signs when they were off enjoying life, but since the sign has been there for some time I decided to see if anyone had posted anything online. Thank you for doing so.

Collectively, I think those of us who were customers and/or employees of Butler's are feeling a sense of loss with the closure of this once fine donut-making business.

I'll forever miss those "long johns" with the fresh sweet cream and raspberry filing - Mmm, makes my mouth water. Be well, Rob.


What happened to Butlers Doughnuts in Somerset???? Just stopped to pick up some "long johns" and the building is for rent!!!! :( Did they move or go out of business???
Saw KANES doughnuts on the Food Network they look yummy :)

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