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February 12, 2008


Fairly Odd Mother

This was really interesting to read. It must be incredibly frustrating to have to let someone go who you feel like should be committed for a long time.

I was also shocked to hear that when Brit was taken away in an ambulance the first time, she tested negative for drugs---I had really thought that her troubles were drug related. It seems much scarier to me that they are probably totally mental.

Manic Mommy

Thanks for the informed view. I think she meets the third criterion you mentioned as she seems to forget her panties everywhere she goes.

Seriously? It's sad to see her without a real support system, even if it is partially self-induced.

Paul is a Hermit

Since funds are not an issue, either she is convinced or is being convinced that she does not need care. She obviously is not submitting. I wonder who runs her life.

Maybe she knows not where to turn. Picking a name for successful psychiatric care can not be easy, even for her. I would just like to know where she comes from as far as the kids are concerned.

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