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February 19, 2008



How scary! There's a measles outbreak in San Diego now, too. A child contracted it in Switzerland but was asymptomatic until he got home. Then, when his Mom brought him to the doctor other unimmunized kids who were unlucky enough to be in the waiting room with him contracted it.

Lots of scary illnesses are just a plane ride away.


Hugs to your friend. It is so scary when something we think we are protected against comes and affects someone we care for. Take care of you.


It really is interesting, isn't it? There's definitely this circle of folks in the twin-blog world that have become, in a strange sense of the word, friends. We keep up with each other, we're concerned for each other, we root for each other. But we've never met, and likely never will. Odd.
In fact, we've even gotten together and started a blog not unlike this one: howdoyoudoit.wordpress.com. Funny how virtual friends can get together and do something...

Fairly Odd Mother

I've had a post like this kicking around in my noggin for a while b/c it IS odd to have such close friendships with people who I've met online and most I have never met in person. And, yet, I count on them, care about them and am interested in their lives.


We have some great friends we've met online that we even send Christmas cards to this year. One friend, when they had their first baby, we sent a box of clothes/toys too.

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