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March 09, 2008



If she loves it let I'd her keep it awhile. It should help with all the transitions immensely. My son loved his crib just like your daughter does. We moved when he was two and his crib was familiar and beloved and made him feel better about his new room. I admit I let him stay in it until he was almost three. When he told me he was ready for a "big boy bed", I let him pick out his new sheets and comforter himself. I like think that helped - or I just got lucky - because he loved his toddler bed as much as the crib. Good luck!


I would let Charlotte stay in her crib just as long as she will (and isn't climbing out of it). It will mean many, many fewer hassles for you with the new baby. You want her to be feeling verrrry secure in her little world when the new sibling comes along to turn everything upside down. Even if she is ready for a bed, she might resent "giving" the crib to the little one.

My girls are 20 months apart. When Peanut arrived, Bean was nowhere near ready to give up the crib. No way was I buying another one. So Peanut slept with me for a few months (breastfeeding overnight just worked best that way for us, maximizing sleep for everyone), then when she was ready for her own space but Bean still wasn't ready to move up to a bed, we had her sleep in a Pack & Play. I figured that would be fine for a couple months. It ended up being almost a year! We did reinforce the bottom. And you know... she was perfectly happy, never knew the difference, and there was never a problem getting to sleep when we traveled, 'cause the P&P was normal for her. So what started out with us just being cheap and not wanting to shell out for another crib ended up working out really well.


I agree with the others, no rush to get her out of the crib. My son started climbing out of his at about 2-1/2, so we have to transition to the toddler bed, but if she's showing no signs of doing that, I'd say, keep things as they are. Good luck w/all your other transitions!


My kids both pushed to get out of their cribs around age 2, and I followed their lead... but if one had wanted to stay longer, fine by me.

As for the other transitions, my kids are 4 1/2 years apart - so the issues were different than for a 2-year split. I've always been a little skeptical of the philosophy that says to tell the older kid they'll be your helper, they'll do so much for the baby, etc - between an aunt whom everyone believed was retarded for her first 4 years because she had 3 older siblings "doing for" and an eldest child who was already naturally bossy, I didn't want to encourage any extra focus on the baby. I took more of a tack of, "You're you and he's he, and you can do totally different things." She's still bossy.


Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and advice! I know what's probably going to happen...we'll move, I'll buy a new crib, and within weeks she'll be pushing to get out of the crib!

But. Maybe not - and I think following her lead on this one and easing the transition in the one way possible that I can is going to work out. Thanks again!

Emma kw

Have you considered a cradle or bassinet for the new born ?( excuse my spelling!). We found once our son met his new sister ( he was 2 1/2) he decided HE wanted to be in his big boy bed, as babies slept in cribs , and he was a big brother now!! We had an adorable wooden cradle that could be rocked, perfect for beside our bed for the first week or so , then moved to the nursery easily!
Good luck, hope all goes well!

Chicky Chicky Baby

She's still so young. I say keep her in the crib and you'll both get a good night's sleep. You and baby-to-be certainly need it!

We're transitioning Chicky to her big girl bed this coming weekend. I AM NOT looking forward to it and she's almost a year older than Charlotte.

Alex Elliot

My kids are 32 months apart and we got a second crib. Why rock the boat? I heard from too many friends that forcing their kids out the crib was the worst mistake they've made. The Boston Globe ran an article a few years ago that I was given when my son was a community kid in the Early Intervention playgroup. It said that kids weren't ready to get out their cribs until between 3 and 4. The last thing I wanted was two kids that weren't sleeping. In my moms group, people can't give away cribs. A lot of the charities no longer take them, so at least around here, it's pretty easy to find one either through a moms group, Freecycle or Craig's list if cost is a factor. My son loved his crib and stayed in it until he was 3.5. For the record, my son was potty trained during the day.

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