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March 25, 2008



Those egg molds are great. I need to look into getting some of those!


You know, I adore those cupcakes. The egg-molds are genius.

Here is one of my favorite sites for all things Japanese (for adults only...the site has everything from bento boxes and traditional clothing to adult toys and porn): http://www.jlist.com/index.html

Because really, everyone should have a cute bento box like this: http://www.jlist.com/IMAGE/i69u6

or this:

Don't you think?


I actually ordered tons of cute lunchbox stuff from Japan for my kids - little soy sauce bottles, rice molds, the works - although mostly I just admire them. SO KEWT!


Wow - thank you for linking to my blog!
My son is in love with the fishy egg mold!
They are so much fun!

Mrs. Q.

I've been singing "Turning Japanese" ever since the Sox's season opener yesterday...


Oh, yes, thank you. Now I found an eBay store with those egg molds and I am just TRYING to resist those cute Bento boxes! (I don't even use a lunch box, but...)

Kim/hormone-colored days

I love those eggs molds!

Kim/hormone-colored days

I love those egg molds!

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