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March 03, 2008



Yes! But you'll have to wait until I post my entry here tomorrow.

I'm such a tease. :)



A co-worker (I still don't know which one no one would take credit) recently cleaned off my car at the end of the day after it snowed. It really brought a smile to my face when I came around the corner of the building to see my car free of snow. It truly was a perfect ending to an otherwise crappy workday.

Fairly Odd Mother

I had a mom I knew offer to drive my girls home from dance class at 6:30pm, so I could stay home with my son and finish dinner rather than drop everything to rush over for the pick up. That just made my day.

Account Deleted

Out of the blue a former colleague (who lives in California) sent me a little scottie pin, simply because she saw it and thought of me.

That was special in and of itself. What made it extraordinary was that it arrived in the mail the very day we had to put our 12 year old scottie to sleep.

It was so kind, her note was so sweet -- it was the bright spot in an otherwise very gray day. A small kindness can be a huge thing to the other person.


Some of the things others have done (recently and not) that have stuck with me:

* a coworker used to regularly clear other people's cars of snow; same guy used to remind people when their inspection sticker or registration was expired

* a neighbor re-plowed my driveway when I was gone and got rid of the piles of snow that had been built up around my car that I hadn't had the energy to shovel away

* an acquaintance who had car trouble outside my house and had borrowed my phone while I drove her stepson to school later came back to my house with a huge pot of lilies as a thank you

* a friend mailed me a thank-you note for always being willing to give her son rides to something my son was going to anyway

* another friend and I have an agreement for dances where I'll drive the boys there and she'll bring them home, so I don't have to get my daughter up past her bedtime

* my (often difficult) mail carrier put a note in my box to say that she really liked the new fence I had just put up

* I came home one day to find a large pot of mums on my porch as a thank-you for helping a busy mom with four kids, by giving her son (my son's best friend, who lives up the road) rides to sporting events or letting her kids get off the bus at my house until she got out of work

* I sent anonymous birthday cards to every person at my church for a year.

* Also sent anonymous cards of cheer to a church member who was incarcerated

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