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April 06, 2008



I did theater as a middle schooler and on up, and my high school theater teacher always talked about how theater is "ephemeral," it's gone in the moment that last curtain hits the stage, and those exact memories and moments can never happen again. it's what makes it all so magical. it's also what makes the ending of a show seem like something almost mournful for those who are participants, because it's the "death of a show." don't be surprised if you and Pepper feel a little low this next week...perhaps plan something else special to do soon to give you something to look forward to. thanks for your story, it made me smile and remember my own memories!

Fairly Odd Mother

Holy crow, that is some set! I haven't seen a high school performance in some time but that looks amazing!


My 2-year old LOVES the Wizard of Oz. And asks me to sing with her every chance she gets. Here’s a video of her singing Over the Rainbow:

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