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April 28, 2008



Ok, I am coming out of lurking. First I want to say, what a great trip. I love the pictues. Looks like fun. Second, I wanted to ask about your new lens. I have a DSLR and am looking for a good telephoto lens. Do you like the new lens, pros/cons?


~~~slides back into hiding~~~

Susan Getgood

The lens is a Tamron A17 70-300mm tele-macro. I really like it, especially for the money, under $200. Props to the clerk at George's Photo near Balboa Park in San Diego who probed for how I planned to use the lens as well as my budget, and presented this as an alternative to the more expensive Canon lens options.

What I really like is that is has both tele-photo and macro, so I can do pretty much everything I want with just 2 lenses.

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