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April 29, 2008




Alex Elliot



Wow, I'm glad to hear you had a VBAC. I heard you had to travel (although not too far) for it. One of my friends also had to make that travel to have two VBAC's.

You know Moe's birth story and how I thank god that I didn't have to have a c-section with her. It's amazing how many doctors push for standard c-sections for different reason (and while some may be medically necessary, not all are).Anyway, I'm glad it worked out.

Oh and BTW, in case nobody told you, expect the worst around/by six weeks. That's usually the time frame for when the older sibling realizes the baby isn't going and has some "issues". I'm just giving you fair warning.

Fairly Odd Mother

Oooo, I had two VBAC's! Keep meaning to write up my story for the internets. They were very much worth it.


Big warm fuzzy congratulations!

In the Trenches of Mommyhood

Sincere congratulations!
And what is it about men and balls? My Hubby said the same thing when our #2 was born and they lifted him up above the curtain (c-section). Hubby yelled out to the entire operating room, "It's a boy and he has huDGe balls!"


Congratulations! My girl was 5 when her baby brother was born. She had issues, but starting kindergarten kind of put the young usurper out of her mind. Good luck! And watch out when you open that diaper...



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