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April 16, 2008



When we went, it wasn't crowded, but we didn't have any land on us either. Did they still have the quails running around? The girls were more interested in chasing the chicks that time.

We went to the one in Boston (at the MoS) but it was much smaller.


H loved the 'idea' of it...just not the gynormous butterflies that kept landing on his head. I'm sure my convulsions when one landed on me didn't help much.

Oh, also, it was Spring Break for CT, which was why it was so crowded.


We've been to The Butterfly Place in Tyngsboro, MA (I think???) and loved it! No butterflies landed on us, but did on those around us so we got some great pictures and up close experiences. Sweetie loved it and I don't recall being outraged by the admission price. Check it out sometime!

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