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April 12, 2008



It took mine til Senior year and wanting to get into the same college as the girlfriend.

Congrats on stepping back. That is the hardest part.


I WAS that kid, and it took me until about 10th or 11th grade, too. But I turned out ok, mostly. (Heh.)

Fairly Odd Mother

Congrats to him! It must feel good for him to know his grades are 'all his'.


I'm a teacher. If I had a nickel for every lazy boy who was intelligent but did no homework ... I'd be a RETIRED teacher!

Yours figured it out around the average. Lots figure it out a lot later (like, in summer school ... after graduation ... when they still need that last English credit to graduate). And many, many more figure it out when they watch their OWN kids dick around in school and get mediocre grades, when their kids are really quite smart. And then the light goes on: "Oh, yeah ..."

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